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Harland Clarke


The patented technology behind Harland Clarke Digital’s SM:Enterprise email solution is ideally suited for reseller environments. The use of a hierarchical account structure allows email message content to be distributed in a locked, un-editable format from a master account into reseller sub-accounts. This content is then deployed independently from reseller sub-accounts.

For the corporate supplier, this provides the peace of mind that price points can not be modified, product images are always up-to-date, and brand standards are never compromised.

For the reseller, customized templates allow for a mix of corporate-controlled and reseller-controlled message content. Freedom and flexibility also exists to deploy messages consisting entirely of reseller-controlled content.

Harland Clarke Digital has worked with nationwide and global reseller programs to enforce standards across email communications and generate high-ROI campaigns.

As a cost-effective and proven marketing channel, email is tough to beat, and the flexibility of SM:Enterprise makes it a perfect channel for reseller environments.

To learn more about powering reseller programs through SM:Enterprise, contact Harland Clarke Digital today.