A suite of digital marketing solutions to manage customer communications, employee training, consumer education and research analysis.

Harland Clarke

Financial Institutions

As the digital arm of Harland Clarke Corp., Harland Clarke Digital provides marketing solutions and services to banks and credit unions across the United States and beyond. Bringing a wealth of financial marketing experience to the table, the Harland Clarke Digital team understands the importance of consistent communication as part of the account holder lifecycle, as well as the branding/compliance/regulatory/security concerns of financial institutions when it comes to online marketing.

We actively look to develop solutions that address the unique needs of our financial clients, and make it a point to provide educational resources that arm them with the knowledge and tools to protect their brand while developing successful campaigns.

Here is a sample of the financial solutions offered by Harland Clarke Digital:

  • ContentBase™ - a library of ready-to-use educational content for marketing campaigns
  • SM:Vault - the automated archiving/compliance solution that works with our SubscriberMail email marketing platform
  • RegEase - a solution that helps your organization meet the requirements of Regulation E through multi-channel communications and opt-in forms
  • SiteAxys™ - local search solution provides a fully customizable web experience with managed web pages and social platforms for each individual location
  • Springboard - digital onboarding solution establishes a consistent line of communication with first year account holders with educational content, account holder feedback and dynamic cross-selling messaging.
  • Quarterly webinars around financial marketing benchmarks and financial marketing strategy
  • Brandable, web-hosted portals to satisfy employee training requirements and offer consumer education
  • Strategic “quick start” program launches to get you up and running quickly
  • Custom online survey programs
  • Quarterly strategic reviews and recommendations
  • More...
Harland Clarke Digital research has shown that account holders respond well to communications from their financial institution.

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*You might also be interested in additional services, including direct mail, contact centers, research and analytics. Ask for details.