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Harland Clarke

Local/Social Content

Extend your web reach and drive action with SiteAxys from HCD.

40% of online searches include a local qualifier such as ZIP code, a clear indication that today's web user desires a local experience.

SiteAxys allows organizations to manage web pages and social media profiles for each of their locations, allowing them to capture this local web traffic, ensure accuracy of individual location details and provide a fully customizable web experience to generate leads, cross-sell services, solicit customer feedback, and more.

Location content management
  • Improve placement in online search results
  • Ensure accurate information in the web's largest directory listings
  • Manage web pages without requiring development/programming resources
  • Manage social media content across multiple profiles
  • Monitor content interaction via social listening tools
  • Control content publishing rights with workflow approvals
  • And much more

You're either on the map or not. The difference is clear.

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